Price List

Stylist Cuts

  • Kids Haircut AED 75

    We know giving a haircut to your little darlings is no easy feat. Our professionals know how to take care of that for you

  • Ladies Cut (Medium Hair) AED 150

    A perfectly groomed look with our medium length haircuts that can transform your looks

  • Front Cut AED 40

    Bangs or fringes can totally transform your looks and add a glamorous touch

  • Ladies Cut (Short Hair) AED 100

    From edgy bobs to cute pixie cuts, we have all that you can ask for

  • Ladies Cut (Long Hair) Starting from AED 180

    Add a flair to your boring hair with any cut of your choice

Hair Styling

  • Blow Dry (Short Hair) AED 95

    Bid farewell to that pesky frizz of yours with a blow-dry

  • Blow Dry (Medium Hair) AED 145

    Amp up your hair game with a blow-dry and say hello to shinier hair

  • Hair Up-Do Starting from AED300

    An elegant touch to your personality and looks with our hair buns

  • Salon Bridal Up-Do AED 1500

    Get the most beautiful hairdo on the most special day of your life

  • Blow Dry (Long Hair) Starting from AED 175

    Boost your confidence with bouncy and shiny hair

  • Hair Style (Wash/ Blow-dry/ Hair) Starting from AED 200

    A glam look certainly worthy of an Oscar

  • Up-Do with Hair Extension Starting from AED350

    Now you can get chignons and buns even if you have thin and sleek hair

Hair Coloring

  • Ammonia-Free Inoa Hair Color (Short Hair) AED 450

    Want to change your hair color without compromising on your hair quality? Our experts offer ammonia-free hair dying that goes easy on your hair

  • Ammonia-Free Inoa Hair Color (Medium Hair) AED 550

    Change your hair color with our extra-gentle color formula

  • Ammonia-Free Inoa Hair Color (Long Hair) Starting from AED 650

    Want to change your hair color without compromising on your hair quality? Our experts offer ammonia-free hair dying that goes easy on your hair

  • Half Head Highlights Starting from AED 300

    Half highlights are perfect for framing your face and lifting your facial features without looking too flashy

Hair Extensions

  • Extensions (Per Piece) AED 35

    Fill in your hair with our extensions and get voluminous and bouncy hair

  • Half Head Extensions Starting from AED 750

    Feel good and look great with thicker hair

  • Full Head Extensions Starting from AED 500

    Get instant length and volume with full head extensions

Hair Repair Treatment

  • Hair Straightening (Short Hair) AED 800

    No more frizzy and tangled hair with our hair straightening treatment

  • Hair Straightening (Medium Hair) AED 1200

    Luscious straight locks that never cease to turn heads

  • Keratin Treatment (Medium Hair) AED 1300

    Bust the frizz right out of your hair with our professional keratin treatment

  • Hair Botox (Short Hair) AED 1200

    Botox is not only for aged skin, it can work wonders for aged hair too

  • Hair Botox (Long Hair) Starting from AED 1700

    Opt for non-chemical deep conditioning and transform the most damaged hair into silky, smooth locks

  • Hot Oil (Medium Hair) AED 200

    A secret blend of all-natural oils that is guaranteed to calm your mind and soothe your soul

  • Loreal Treatment (Per Session for Short Hair) AED 200

    Ideal for transforming and returning hair back to their most beautiful and healthiest state

  • Loreal Treatment (Per Session for Long Hair) Starting from AED 300

    Bespoke in-salon treatment that leaves your hair looking amazing

  • Absolute Repair Loreal Treatment (Per Session for Medium Hair) AED 300

    Adds shine to your hair and reduces damage caused due to chemical and heat exposure

  • Absolute Repair Loreal Treatment (Per Session for Long Hair) Starting from AED 350

    Get the exclusive in-salon treatment with our experts to have smooth and shiny hair that you may have never seen before

  • Hair Straightening (Long Hair) Starting from AED 1500

    Are you tired of using a flat iron every other day? Get sleek, smooth and straight hair on a semi-permanent basis

  • Keratin Treatment (Short Hair) AED 900

    Keratin treatment is the perfect fix for frizzy hair, that transforms your hair amazingly for up to 6 month

  • Keratin Treatment (Long Hair) Starting from AED 1600

    Restore the lost shine and smoothen out your frizzy hair for up to 6 months

  • Hair Botox (Medium Hair) AED 1500

    Turn back time and restore the vitality and shine of your hair with renowned hair botox treatment

  • Hot Oil (Short Hair) AED 150

    Hot oil head massage is proven to relieve stress, anxiety and tension

  • Hot Oil (Long Hair) Starting from AED 250

    An organic and natural remedy that heals damaged hair from the inside

  • Loreal Treatment (Per Session for Medium Hair) AED 250

    A complete treatment to nourish and repair damaged hair

  • Absolute Repair Loreal Treatment (Per Session for Short Hair AED 250

    Absolute repair treatments are ideal for dried, damaged and lifeless hair, to nourish, restore, repair and hydrate them


  • Classic Manicure AED 55

    Expert nail polish application with proper nail cut, shape, buff and cuticle care

  • Manicure Spa AED 200

    Manicure session curated carefully to promise you comfort, relief and relaxation

  • Classic Hand Gelish AED 120

    Expert gel nail polish application with proper nail cut, shape, buff and cuticle care

  • French Manicure AED 60

    Aesthetically pleasing and glamorous looking nails that are perfect for every day or any special occasion

  • Add Paraffin Hand AED 60

    Paraffin wax treatment that leaves you with baby smooth hands

  • French Hand Gelish AED 130

    Gel French manicure to give your hands a sophisticated and classy look


  • Classic Pedicure AED 100

    A complete pedicure session with nail polish application, toe and feet care

  • Foot Spa AED 250

    Spa session dedicated exclusively to taking care of your tired and sore feet

  • Classic Feet Gelish AED 140

    A complete pedicure session with gel nail polish application, toe and feet care

  • Nail Art (Per Nail) AED 5

    Whether you want to get a chic accent nail or looking for a complete theme-based nail makeover, our experts offer it all

  • French Pedicure AED 130

    Exclusive spa treatment for your feet, finished off with French tips for toenails

  • Add Paraffin Foot AED 80

    Paraffin wax treatment that leaves you with baby smooth feet

  • French Feet Gelish AED 160

    Pedicure session with stunning gel French nails

Nail Re-Polish

  • Puff and Classic Polish AED 30

    Touch up your worn-out nails with buffing and nail polish application

  • Puff and French Polish AED40

    We all hate worn-out and chipped nail paint. Get your nails touched up with our expert nail stylists

Nail Enhancement

  • Nail Extensions (Gel/ Acrylic) AED 350

    From striking acrylic nails in every color of the rainbow to sophisticated gel French tips, our salon experts offer a fantastic range of nail extensions.

  • Nail Extension Removal AED 100

    No matter how many acrylic nail removal DIY hacks you have seen, getting nail extensions removed requires a professional, let our experts take care of that

  • Nail Extension Refill AED 250

    Accidently ripped your nail extension off? Get an extension refill instead of removing the whole set of nails

  • Gel/ Acrylic Nails (Per Nail) AED 40

    Whether you are a gel nail fan or acrylic nail enthusiast, our nail stylists are skilled to cater to your needs


  • Face and Head Massage (15 Minutes Session) AED 45

    Rejuvenate your mind and spirit with our relaxing face and head massages

  • Back and Shoulder Massage (15 Minutes Session) AED 55

    Ideal for clients who are a bit short on time but don’t want to miss out on the relaxation

  • Aroma Therapy (60 Minutes Session) AED 195

    If soothing scents, invigorating incense and all-natural essential oils are your thing then aroma massage therapy is perfect for you

  • Swedish Massage (90 Minutes Session) AED 230

    Our therapeutic Swedish massage is known for improving circulation, relaxing muscles and reducing stress

  • Viola Signature Massage (60 Minutes Session) AED 250

    Our signature massage featuring a unique fusion of five massaging techniques that you can get nowhere else

  • Reflexology (30 Minutes Session) AED 150

    Reflexology therapy is perfect for relieving your mind and alleviating the stress

  • Hot Stone Massage (60 Minutes Session) AED 230

    Ease your muscles and experience tranquility with our hot stone massage session

  • Body Scrub Massage (60 Minutes Session) AED 280

    Our expert masseuses exfoliate and polish your skin till perfection, leaving you with baby soft skin

  • Face and Head Massage (30 Minutes Session) AED 90

    A perfect solution for headache, anxiety, stress that leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed

  • Back and Shoulder Massage (30 Minutes Session) AED 100

    Relieve your back and neck pain with our professional massage therapy

  • Swedish Massage (60 Minutes Session) AED 200

    Swedish massage is believed to boost your energy levels and improve health

  • Shiatsu Massage (60 Minutes Session) AED 180

    Balance your energy flow and rejuvenate the body with our special Japanese massage technique

  • Viola Signature Massage (90 Minutes Session) AED 330

    A unique and customized massage therapy session that features our signature fusion of massaging techniques and an all-natural blend of essential oils so you make the most out of your me-time

  • Reflexology (60 Minutes Session) AED 230

    Our professional reflexologists focus on your feet to release your tension and make your body relaxed

  • Hot Stone Massage (90 Minutes Session) AED 300

    The serene environment, soothing warm stones, zen music, aromatic essential oils- the perfect session to leave you feeling stress-free

  • Body Scrub Massage (90 Minutes Session) AED 350

    Indulge in self-care with our exclusive exfoliation and massage combo session


  • Hydradermie Lift (60 Minutes Session) AED 400

    It lifts up the skin, reverses aging and provides a youth revolution by stimulating facial muscles

  • Guinot Hydradermie Double Ionization (60 Minutes Session) AED 350

    Ultra-safe and non-invasive technique to enhance the effect of regular Hydradermie Facials

  • Hydraclean (30 Minutes Session) AED 150

    This deep cleansing therapy cleans your skin from the inside so that your skin glows

  • Liftosome (45 Minutes Session) AED 350

    Rejuvenate your skin and regain the firmness with our professional liftosome treatment

  • Guinot Aromatic Visage (45 Minutes Session) AED 250

    The ultimate face care routine to oxygenate and destress your skin with face massage and essential oils

  • Hydradermie Deluxe (100 Minutes Session) AED 550

    The BEST antiaging and toning facial that you can find out there

  • Age Summum (45 Minutes Session) AED 400

    Anti-aging therapy to remove wrinkles, restore the freshness, youth and liveliness of skin

  • Eye Logic Treatment (60 Minutes Session) AED 180

    A contouring treatment to eliminate wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes

  • Guinot Hydra Peeling (60 Minutes Session) AED 300

    Hydra peeling treatment is perfect for restoring your radiance and vitality by exfoliating and removing dead skin

Moroccan Hammam and Baths

  • Normal Bath AED 200

    Cleanse your body and wash your worries away with our bathing services

  • Queen Bath AED 400

    Pamper and spoil yourself as the Queen that you are with our luxurious bath session

  • Loof AED 50

    Exfoliate and cleanse your body by adding loofah cleansing to any bath session

  • Bath with Herbs AED 280

    Our experts make use of the power of herbs and soothing warm water to give you a one-of-a-kind experience

  • Bridal Bath (3 Sessions) AED 1500

    Traditional and ritualist bridal bath to make you feel pampered on your big day


  • Eyebrows AED 40
  • Under Arm AED 50
  • Half Legs AED 70
  • Bikini Line AED 60
  • Side Burn AED 30
  • Full Body AED 300
  • Upper Lip AED 25
  • Full Arm AED 65
  • Full Legs AED 85
  • Full Bikini AED 90
  • Full Face AED 95


  • Eyebrows AED 35
  • Chin AED 15
  • Full Face AED 85
  • Upper Lips AED 15
  • Side Burn AED 25

Makeup and Beauty

  • Eye Makeup Starting from AED 250

    Be it glimmering pink eyes or seductive smoky eyes, our professional MUAs know how to make you look the best

  • Bridal Makeup AED 1000

    Your big day is incomplete without the right makeup. Get the best makeup with us, just the way you have always imagined it to be

  • Day and Evening Makeup Starting from AED 350

    Who says you can’t wear makeup everywhere? Be it an important business event or a date night, we have got you covered

  • Eye Lashes AED 80-130

    No makeup look is complete without a pair of killer eyelashes


  • Eye Brows AED 45
  • Side Burn AED 35
  • Full Face with Neck AED 85
  • Arm AED 50
  • Full Face AED 75
  • Full Body Starting from AED 250


  • Eyebrows Tint AED 65
  • Eyelashes Tint AED 85


  • Henna Starting from AED 50

    Safe, temporary and exquisite henna tattoos that are suitable for all skin types

  • Bridal Henna Starting from AED 800

    Traditional bridal henna that has been a part of the culture for decades